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  • Oct 14th 2023

    Google Is WOK

    You may think that I am making this up.  Let me assure you I am not.  I use many search engines to get our web site recognized.   Google has rejected many of our items.  Some…

    Published by Peter Brown

  • Jun 5th 2022

    Call For Price & Availability

    Some items that are large or require special shipping require you to contact us.  We will be happy to quote shipping and availability of these items to you.…

    Published by Peter Brown

  • Jun 5th 2022

    Account Sign In

    To insure a safe and secure experience to your visit to our site, we are implementing that all of our customers sign in before purchasing products from our web site. To sign in or create an account, l…

    Published by Peter Brown

  • Nov 27th 2021

    Local Propane Filling Service

    Many of our local customers are taking advantage of our web site ordering.  Did you know that we refill 20 Lb, 30 Lb, 33 Lb, 40 Lb, and 100 Lb propane cylinders at our Surry Location.  Tradi…

    Published by Peter

  • Jun 6th 2020

    Inventory Stock Levels

    Covid 19 Virus has caused a strain on the supply chain of all products.  Manufacturers are filling orders at a slower pace because of loss productivity and shortage of raw materials.  Our ve…

    Published by Peter