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Local Propane Filling Service

Published by Peter on Nov 27th 2021

Many of our local customers are taking advantage of our web site ordering.  Did you know that we refill 20 Lb, 30 Lb, 33 Lb, 40 Lb, and 100 Lb propane cylinders at our Surry Location.  Traditionally, customers would bring their empty cylinder during business hours to our filling station located at the rear of our property and pay in person. But now we offer a new service: You can order and pay on-line here on our web site.  Drop off your propane cylinder at our filling station 24/7.  Even when we are closed. We will fill your propane cylinder during our regular business hours and contact you when it is ready.  A great idea for people working and can not get to us during our regular business hours.  Two things thou, please write or tag your name on the cylinder and in your order please tell us when you want to pick up the refilled cylinder.