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Google Is WOK

Published by Peter Brown on Oct 14th 2023

You may think that I am making this up.  Let me assure you I am not.  I use many search engines to get our web site recognized.   Google has rejected many of our items.  Some examples are:  Wallpaper Stripper Gel, Black Pipe Nipple, Eaton 270W Duplex Outlet 15 Amp 125 VAC as well as many others.  Google says that these items have sexual interests in personalized advertising.  They say that ads shouldn't target users based on sexual interests.  While I do agree that I should not advertise sexual interests, but I am a hardware Store and these are just the names given to these products.  Google also says that PB Blaster is an Alcoholic beverage.  REALLY!  Socatity has gone too far with the cancel culture.