Stovetop Coffee Percolator Pot, 9 Cup Capacity

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Primula 3609-CPA Percolator, 36 oz Capacity, Aluminum, Knob Control PRODUCT OVERVIEW The Primula® coffee percolator is crafted of aluminum with old-fashioned simplicity and durability. A coffee percolator works by stimulating the heated liquid from your coffee grounds, reheating it and circulating it over the grounds over and over. The percolating effect of repeatedly passing coffee over the grounds delivers a significantly different flavor and strength than traditional automatic drip coffee makers. Percolators emit a robust aroma and a distinct gurgling sound while brewing. It is extremely convenient when making coffee you want to stay piping hot for large gatherings. Primula® percolator is made of durable aluminum and features a matching lid, lipped spout and stay-cool black plastic handle.

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