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Duraflame- Fire Log- 4.5 Lb- 6 Pack

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Duraflame- Fire Log- 4.5 Lb- 6 Pack PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Long-Lasting Warmth: Pack of 6 Duraflame fire logs that offer a convenient and authentic fire experience that burn for up to 3 hours, and create a warm ambiance. Convenient and Easy to Use: Quick to light and become fully lit and engulfed in flames in approximately 5 minutes allowing you to lie back and soak up the warmth from the fireplace logs immediately Guaranteed Pure and Spotless: Burns 80 percent cleaner than traditional wood for an all-around more enjoyable time around the fire without worrying about too much fireplace mess Efficient and Functional Construction: Logs are made from renewable wood sawdust and agricultural fibers mixed with blends of wax and other combustible, renewable materials. Duraflame Logs can be used Indoors and Outdoor: Greatly suited for a variety of settings making it suitable for an open-hearth fireplace, outdoor fireplace, fire pit, bonfire, or campfire.

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