Bagaduce Farm, Calendula & Clarry Sage, Soap, 4.25 Oz

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Bagaduce Farm, Calendula & Clarry Sage, Soap 4.25 Oz The restorative and regenerative properties of raw milk from cows and goats are legendary. With a ph similar to that of human skin, milk is a soothing and conditioning cleanser for all skin types. It contains alpha hydroxy, natural emollients, and naturally occurring glycerine, all providing deep moisturizing benefits. Our Lard and Milk soaps contain no water. They are made from pork lard and raw milk from nearby farmsteaders who sustainably raise pigs, cows, and goats. Our soap base also includes olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba ester and bees wax. Essential oils, organic herbs, flowers, and grains, are added to give the soaps different scents and benefits. These soaps last a long time! All bars weigh approximately 4.25 oz.

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