Grime Boss, Surface & Hand Wipes, 30 Pack

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GrimeBoss A541S30X Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Wipes, 30 Count, Resealable Label, Solid, White, Citrus, 5.5 - 6.5 pH PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Use to remove latex paint, adhesives, grime, grease, gunk and oil from hands and surfaces. The Pro-Klean moisturizing formula penetrates tough messes for a deep down clean. Contain vitamin E and aloe to help soften skin, removing most odors and stains with no harsh chemicals. Dual-scrubbing action. Rough scrubbing side removes stuck-on residue and grime. Smooth side is gentle enough to clean hands, face and arms. Resealable pack. 9.8in x 8.2in.

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