Great Stuff, Minimal Expansion Polyurethane Foam, 24 Oz

Dow Chemical
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Dow Chemical Model 341553, "GREAT STUFF" Minimal Expansion Polyurethane Foam, 24 Oz PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Draft block, hole and crack filler. Evaluated as a residential fireblock sealing material. Adheres to most surfaces. Forms a durable, airtight and waterproof bond. Paintable and sandable. U.L Classified. Cures in less than an hour. Tack free in six minutes. Trims in thirty minutes. Moisture resistant skin prevents water penetration. 25 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit temperature operating range. Exceeds standards of ASTME 814 test methods. GAPS/CRACKS - MINIMAL EXPANDING - INTERIOR/EXTERIOR - POLYURETHANE - PRO STRAW SERIES

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