Garden Hand Tool Set, 4 Piece

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Centurion Garden and Outdoor Living 1226 Aluminum Gardening Tool Set, includes cultivator, trowel, transplanter and foam cushion kneeler. All-aluminum die cast construction strong with its polished surface keeps the trowel clean & looking beautiful for years to come. The sturdy all-aluminum body is made to withstand the most demanding use so go ahead: dig, transplant, & turn soil with this beautiful, anti-break, anti-bend, rust-resistant die cast construction garden tool set. It can take it! in addition, the 1" foam cushion protects your knees or bottom. Plus the large non-slip grip is perfect for gardeners who have difficulty holding gardening tools with small or narrow handle, creating the perfect balance between beauty, durability, comfort & control. Makes an elegant gift for any gardening enthusiast.

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