Ceiling Fan Brace Support 16" - 24"

Westinghouse Electric
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Saf-T-Brace 0101000 Brace Ceiling Fan Box, 15.5 cu-inch x 2-3/4" L x 12-1/2 " W x 1-1/2" D PRODUCT OVERVIEW: For remodel or new construction. Applications fits 16" to 24" ceiling joists, fits all ceiling fans, and installs without going into the attic. Includes a heavy duty 15.5 cubic inch 1-1/2" deep dual mount box and mounting hardware. Maximum load rating for ceiling fans: 70 pounds, fixtures 100 pounds. Support fan brace has locking screws and teeth. Each end screws into joist independently, with 4 teeth and single screw on each end. 8-32 threads for lightweight fixtures, 10-24 threads for ceiling fans. Six 1/2" Romex or conduit knockouts. UL Listed.

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