Azomite Granulated Natural Trace Mineral 44 Lb

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Azomite Granulated Natural Trace Mineral 44 Lb Granulated AZOMITE is a natural mineral product mined from an ancient deposit in central Utah that is highly rich in trace minerals. A typical analysis reveals the presence of over 70 trace minerals that are both essential and beneficial to all plants. These minerals are often deficient in the soil (even the richest potting soil) and commonly neglected in fertilizers. Adding Granulated AZOMITE to the soil increases the trace minerals plants need, and gives a big boost in fruit and vegetable yield, flowering, and overall health and vigor of plants. Granulated AZOMITE is certified for organic use and is sold in a convenient 44-lb bag for your lawn, garden, trees, or field crops in a non-dusty granule, suitable for use in broadcast spreaders or by hand. It is compatible for all organic gardening or farming programs.

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