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Watering Can- Fish- Orange- .75 Gallon- Plastic

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Novelty Manufacturing, Watering Can- Fish- Orange- .75 Gallon- Plastic PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Making a splash at a garden near you, our 0.75-gallon fish-shaped watering can, makes watering your plants super-duper fun. There are only a few others who know water as well as fish, so as you blaze the trail from the garden to the pool to the beach, this watering can will show you the ins and outs of water and will surely enjoy travelling along with the you. Using this watering can is a perfect way to show the fam the joy in bringing water to your plants. Explain how water, sunlight, and soil helps plants grow! The fish watering can also be a fun piece to add to your aquatic or nautical décor. Give a person a fish watering can and you have taught them to water plants for a lifetime! 11" x 6" x 9"

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Novelty Manufacturing Co.
1.00 LBS