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Some plants take on an identity of their own, they develop an almost cult like following-- they become so much more than a variety, they represent a cultural or culinary tradition. Genovese Basil is the quintessential Italian pesto basil, with a flavor that is slightly sweet and peppery and most perfectly suited for grinding up into aromatic and nutritious basil pesto. Genovese basil was first bred in the Northwest coast of Italy, specifically the port town of Genoa, also known as the gateway to the Italian Riviera, and stretching throughout the Liguria region, where still today greenhouses dot the landscape, each filled to the brim with the traditional Genovese Basil variety. Basil pesto in this region is very serious business, special regional olive oil and pine nuts must be sourced and of course one must only use the Genovese variety Basil (the very best being grown in the sub region of Pra) it is also recommended to hand grind pesto with a mortar and pestle the mortar made of un polished white marble and the pestle of boxwood or pear wood-- the name pesto refers to the traditional method of making the basil based sauce with a mortar and pestle. Culinary prowess aside, Genovese Basil is also incredibly easy to grow and very adaptable, making this an excellent variety for home gardeners all over the world! Try growing this cultural keynote variety in your garden to get the authentic Italian experience! 40 seeds

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