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Balsam Wreath- 22-24"- Double Sided- With Bow

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Our wreaths are made locally in Down East Maine by local Maine People. We only use fresh tree tips insuring a high quality wreath. Our wreath makers take care in tipping so we don't hurt the trees. You'll enjoy the fresh aroma and good looks of a truly Down East Balsam Wreath. To help keep your wreath lasting throughout the holiday season, here are some great tips. Some needles may come off the wreath and are loose in the shipping box this is a natural occurrence and is not a cause for concern. We ship all our wreaths in plastic bags inside special wreath boxes which holds in the moisture. When you open the box gently mist your wreath with water and continue every other day to help it keep its freshness. Your wreath will last the longest if kept outside. If you choose to hang it indoors keep it away from any heat source. Do not put your wreath between a storm door and inner door. The sun allows heat to become trapped in between these doors causing a greenhouse effect that will quickly kill your wreath. We hope you enjoy your fresh made Down East Maine Wreath!

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Maine Made
10.00 LBS