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Chick Days 2022

2022 Chick Days

Is Now Open

 Get the chick of your dreams!


 You can have the chick of your dreams

Meat Birds
Egg Layers
White - Blue - Brown

 It only happens once a year — this year we are offering the following hens:

Buff Cochins Female - Jumbo Cornish X Rocks Male - New Hampshire Female - Pearl-White Leghorn Female - Rhode Island Red Female - White Giants Female. All come with vaccinations. 

 Fly onto this offer before it's too late

You can purchase as few as two chicks or as many more that you want. All chicks must be preordered and paid for before picking up at our store.

 The chick breeds that we are offering this year will be delivered week of May 2nd.

We need your order and payment no later than March 30th

All breeds are $6.95 each.

Prices include vaccinations and shipping to our store. 

 Don't wait, they're flying fast! 

Payment is due with your order.  Orders cannot be cancelled.  We will contact you with the arrival date.

Cluck Here!

We carry the largest selection of Organic and Non-Organic feeds in the area

If you have questions, please fill out the form below.  You can order chicks this on web site.