Water Softener Salt, Red Out, 40 Lb

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Cargill Salt Model 7301, "DIAMOND CRYSTAL" Water Softener Salt, Red Out, 40 Lb Compacted, pillow-shaped briquettes of sodium chloride. Contains Citric Acid, which helps to prevent rust discoloration on tubs, toilets, sink, dishes, cookware and laundry. Also contains Sodium Hexametaphosphate, which improves the product's resistance to mushing and bridging. Intended for use in regenerating ion-exchange resin in both household and commercial water softeners, and can be utilized effectively in all types of water softening units. This product is designed for use where iron fouling is a problem. DO NOT USE WITH CHLORINE-TYPE CLEANSERS. May cause mild skin irritation. Packaged in polyethylene bags for added moisture protection.

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