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Flat Panel TV Kit The U-Haul Flat Panel TV Kit is the perfect way to safely move or store your flat screen TV. The 2 included boxes are heavy-duty and double walled for maximum protection. The boxes are designed to telescope into one another for easy adjustment to the size of the TV. Each box includes 5 handles to make lifting and moving the boxes easier. The kit also includes 4 foam pieces that fold in half to provide 8 points of protection around the TV (2 on the top, 2 on each side, and 2 on the bottom). • Accommodates TVs ranging from 32” to 70” (diagonal measurement) and 1” to 4” deep • Individual box dimensions: 36.5” x 6” x 40” (W x L x H) • Fully-extended telescoped box dimensions: 73” wide x 40” tall x 6” deep (4-5” overlap recommended) • Kit weight: 10.40 lbs. • Gross weight limit: 120 lbs.

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