Heirloom Amos Coli Plum Tomato

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Heirloom Amos Coli Plum Tomato Gorgeous plums are the epitome of what makes a tomato great for paste and sauces: large, smooth, meaty, with little core and very few seeds. They are very solid and fragrant, with a rich, well-balanced flavor. And they are superb for fresh eating as well. The plants are robust and unstintingly productive. Amos Coli was 86 years old when he approached Brad Gates at the 2012 Heirloom Exposition, offering to share this incredible tomato that he had been growing for some 60 years. Amos in turn had received it from a Santa Clara Valley, California, resident who had grown it for some 50 years before that—making this variety well over a century old! Brad says, “This is the best paste tomato I’ve ever had. I am glad to help Amos in seeing this great variety live forever.” Contains 25 heirloom seeds

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