Cabot, 8070, Cabothane Water Borne Gloss Floor Finish, Gallon

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Cabot Model 8070, Cabothane Water Borne Gloss Floor Finish, GallonDurable finish. Resist moisture, and stands up to marring, scuffing and wear in high-use areas. For use on all types of wood flooring such as oak, pine, fir, birth, aspen, maple, cypress, mahogany and redwood. Do not use on plastic laminate floors or pre-finished factory wood flooring. One gallon covers up to 400-500 sq. ft. depending upon surface porosity. WATER-BORNE - GLOSS FLOOR FINISH - DRY TO TOUCH IN 30 MINSTHIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM CABOT. THE SALE PRICE IS A CLOSE OUT. ALL SALES FINAL, NO RETURNS

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